(410) 978-9087

Here are some helpful links to assist you during this process:

Click on the underlined titles below to access their websites

or click the phone numbers listed for your convenience. 

Bisbee & Sierra Vista Courthouse

Sierra Vista Courthouse (520) 803-3060

​Bisbee Courthouse (520) 432-8570

*I suggest on dates near a holiday (3-4 days weekends) call the courthouse

directly to check when they are open.

State of Arizona Marriage Application Process
          The Arizona marriage license filing fee is $76. To obtain a marriage license in the State of

          Arizona, an engaged couple must appear in person together at one of the Justice Court

          offices. Legal age is 18. Both parties must be present to obtain a marriage license. Both

          parties must provide a valid government-issued Photo I.D. Both parties must provide their

          Social Security Numbers, if they have one. No blood test or waiting period is required. 

Links to Venues I recommend in Sierra Vista:

Pueblo Del Sol Country Club: Contact Kim

Veterans Memorial Park
Hoppin Grapes
Carr Canyon
Ramsey Canyon

Also your hotel will allow a small Wedding.

Links to Venues I recommend on Ft Huachuca:
Garden Canyon
The Candlewood Hotel on post

Resevoir Hill

The Gazebo on Brown Field

Links to Venues I recommend in Bisbee: 
Copper Queen Hotel

The Courthouse Area

Eldorado Hotel

Tombstone has many, many venues: many are free!

Crystal Palace

Big Nose Kate's

Main Street

​​OK Corral (charges admission)